Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Welcome to chummies first official post

What is a chummy you ask?
A chummy by my own definition is a “Childfree Mummy”

Childfree/Childless - any couple that believes children as something that they’ve always wanted however not at this point in time, couples that are trying for a child, couples that do not have the option to have children or couples that do not desire to have children. Or any woman without children.
Mummy - a mother, which by definition includes a mother as a creative source, which watches over, nourishes and protects maternally.  Therefore a feminine being that is a nurturer.
And finally
Chummy -  the relationship of friends or pals; associated on close terms.  Or Chum referring to a slang term for friend or if searching online; a social network, platform to find virtual friends.

As an overview chummies is a blogsite that exists to inspire, motivate and support fellow chummies encouraging each other in their endeavours, careers and general being.

Mission is to inspire, motive and support chummies to celebrate the good things in life. To enjoy their spare time rather than worry about what could be, should have been, or is!.  My wish is for us all to relish in the now!!! 

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