Saturday, May 26, 2012

Faux Chummy

So my first fears when starting this were –
What if we do start having children, what If I do become pregnant?  What would be the point in establishing this blog as then I would become a Faux Chummy!!.
My reaction to this thought was – well this is what the site is about - building relationships and supporting each other.  I would hope that we do just that; support other women if they are having a baby just as we will support others that are trying to conceive, that can’t conceive or choose not to conceive.
I’m sure that potentially I, and others will eventually need the support of the multitude of mothers to be and mothers websites.  But my hopes are that we still also seek the advice of our fellow chummies and friendships that we form.  
As much as learning from those with experience is essential and extremely helpful the opinions of everyone with or without children are truly valuable.  Conversation should always be encouraged and parents aren’t the only ones entitled to have thoughts on parenting. 

Chummy, Faux Chummy or Mummy we are all part of the same team!! 


Note:  Just because I have verbally regurgitated parts of my personal life most definitely doesn’t mean that followers have to feel that they should have to.  Your personal life is your own business unless you feel the need to share.  Comments of encouragement, motivation, stories of your day or just a simple “I hear ya” will go a long way in making this chummy feel that I have made at least a tiny bit of difference in your day in return making mine.

Take a bathe, have a wine, take a walk, enjoy “your” time

Have a fabulous weekend x

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