Friday, May 25, 2012

Testie with my Bestie

Hold my breath ….. well its out there.  I have made the first connection with friends on facebook, and put the blog out there for the world to see.
I was however concidering totally pulling the plug.  Wondering; am I insane?, am I  over analysing everything in life, its probably just me!.
But instead I emailed my best friend sending her just this:
“If you don't mind I need an opinion on something I have been working on its a blogsite for the in betweeners 
Am I nuts? Is this even relevant to others or do you think it is beneficial to share?.  There is also a facebook link  in which I haven't shared as yet.

Let me know your thoughts.”

So here’s me thinking, jeez just get on with your work, do your day job, stop mucking around with all this business.  She’s probably going to write back with - “yip pretty sure you have gone nuts!!, you must have too much time on your hands, do you want to chat or skype or something?”.  But Nooooo this was her response:
You are amazing :-) and the crazy thing, almost a coincidence, is that I felt the need to email you this morning and have a heart to heart!! So when I arrive home this afternoon to finally begin my email you have sent me your chummy idea!! bizarre....

I feel the when to have a baby decision is doing my head in. Do I want to have a baby or do I want to finish my study? Can I handle having a baby and still finish my study? Would we be disappointed if we waited to have a baby then we find out that it is difficult and that it will take another year or so to conceive? So this is very much the dilemma of a chummy!!

I love it and by what I am feeling at the moment you will be putting out an amazing support network - you have already reached me.

Awesome xoxo

Well if that isn’t an incentive to put this out there, what is?.  You see we live in different countries, lead different lives and aren’t in your pocket type of friends, yet our friendship is great.  We chat, skype once in a while but haven’t approached this topic with this detail and concern at all.  And here the one person I approach, my best friend is going through the same thing.  Her mind is driving her insane with similar thoughts.  How many more of us are out there???

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