Wednesday, May 23, 2012

accentuate the positive

So there are many things that are chattering away in my head that I wish to discuss.  However I will start with the hopes and aims I have for this blog.
There seems to be a lot of scrutiny towards childfree couples and negative connotations of being selfish whatever the couple’s circumstances.
This site aims to stand, as a platform in all that is positive within all chummies lives.  What we do, our aims, our goals, our travels, our triumphs; anything that makes our days great and fulfilled.
There are many sites addressing support for Mothers and Mums to be; yet no communities or talking platforms for the in betweeners .. the chummies
I by no means begrudge Mothers of any help what so ever as I know that they endure many trials and tribulations and they deserve their support systems.  Plus the very thought of childbirth makes me giddy, so I view mothers as very strong beings.
But with so many images, sites and posts these days circulating around great family life, first steps, first poops and the wonder of parenthood it makes it pretty easy to feel a bit inferior.
We need to remember the things that make us happy the things that inspire us.

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