Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You be the judge

I read an interesting article last weekend.  This article was centred on the idea of “why we love to talk about ourselves”.  According to US studies the act of disclosing information about ourselves gives the same kind of buzz as eating and sex.
Brain scans were conducted and found that talking about our own beliefs activates brain regions associated with reward and pleasure. 
To be honest, I myself am usually quite reluctant in exposing all my personal details or talking in depth to others.  I am not a continual status updater and often tend to listen to others days, details and feelings rather than disclose my own. So this blog may just be my guilty pleasure.  However in reaching out, writing and talking freely I myself have never felt better.
The scans also found that talking about ourselves is more pleasurable than judging others. 
In a world full of judgement, I know that you may feel there are others judging you and they probably are.  However our biggest critic is ourselves.  By talking a little about ourselves, about what we like, what we enjoy, even how our day was may go a long way. 
The more we judge others, the more we fear judgement from others.  If we gossip about others, others are probably gossiping about us. 
So if talking about ourselves is more pleasurable than judging ourselves and others – remember to share your day, talk about the things that you love, like and make you smile.  Post a pic or take a pic  - share it with others, whether it’s with a few friends or just your closest or best friend.
After all if the buzz is the same as eating and sex; Reward yourself!
Have your cake and eat it too!!.

(Article found in The Sunday Mail, Aust)

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