Friday, June 22, 2012

Funk in my Trunk

I’m sure that junk can be included in that title too, but at the moment I’m going to talk about being in a funk!
Do you ever feel like you are literally standing still, paddling against the current, just not getting anywhere?  No? Yes? maybe just me?
Funks can come in different forms, maybe you’re over the 9-5 slog, maybe your head is bogged with study, maybe you are so quiet with work you don’t know what to do with yourself, maybe you are too busy you don't have time for yourself or maybe generally no matter how hard you try, life just doesn’t seem to progress or get any brighter.  Which starts a bit of a vicious cycle in your mind, some may say its depression – and maybe that does creep in – but how can you be depressed if you are generally happy, grateful and still hold positivity and laughter in your life? I simply put it down to “being in a funk”.
So starting at the beginning of this week I have challenged myself to fight the funk starting with my trunk!!
I post a lot of little jokes about my waistline or bootee’ which is all a bit of fun, after all how can we laugh when we can’t shake off and laugh at ourselves?
So this is where I struggle:  I don’t have the inbuilt psyche or inbuilt habits of doing fitness and sports.  The urge of jumping up out of bed and going for a run doesn’t come to me as a natural instinct.
Growing up I was always slimish.  Friends used to comment to me “How can you eat that and not gain weight” when I was tucking into a daily pie and coke or cookie and coke.  My answer, may sound a bit arrogant but it was honest “I just poop it out” followed by “don’t worry I’m sure it will bite me in the bum when I’m older!" ........  And that it has! …… No literally something has bitten me on the bum, it’s swollen!. You see I was always “Arty not Sporty” Sometimes I wish my younger self was a bit wiser in being this however.  As you can’t draw yourself a new pair of thighs :S
So now I eat a million times healthier than my younger self and have to work hard to keep my body resisting against aging, weight and lack of fitness.
I go through a range of issues when it comes to going to the gym.
Which starts with the actual motivation to get there.  Then comes the guilt factor of knowing that you have been donating to the charity of the gym.  This becomes ever more evident the minute you walk the door. The attendant smiles widely “Good Morning”. Yip it’s a good morning for you, I think to myself, I have just been paying your wages for the last month.  When you swipe my card, see my name all you see is VIP – Very Improbable Person ….. to come more than twice a month.
Then come the realisations,  the ones you are forced to face when starting the machines.  For example, the treadmill: First setting - “Fat burn” sounds goood, Time errrrm 20 minutes (its really 25, there is cool down after all), Age … hesitation … can’t believe that number starts with a 3 already … carry on … weight … well last time just before my wedding I was this but I’ll add a little .. sounds about right!  Earphones in (to avoid hearing my own heavy breathing) and we are off phwwweeeh. 
So after this I’m feeling good – should come more often really!  Next I go to the weights machines, in which have been now perfectly positioned facing the kid zone.  This is where I convince myself that keeping this membership (which is cutting into the budget) is worthwhile.  Because if we have children, I could come here, drop the kids off and have a bit of me fitness time. Who am I kidding, if I find this hard now, is it really going to happen with a potential child?  Plus mothers, I can hear you sniggling yeh right! .. you time, good luck.
So this is also where I weigh up the self fitness section in comparison to the class section of the gym, as I know in classes you always push yourself harder.  But let me tell you the last time I attended a class ….
I was 5 minutes late so you have the task of poking your nose through the door in order for the trainer to issue you attendance.  My response “yes that’s fine come in” .. great in I walk “I know what its like getting the kids to school” the trainer continues.  Errrrppppp (cue record scratch)
Kids ?%#.  So,  A. you think I’m old, old enough to have kids (plural) at school, kids in general.  B. You think I’m a mum trying to burn fat, baby fat maybe   Either way,  sheeesh, what an assumption.  So I brushed this off claiming Karma for being late and also had an interior giggle to myself of "Nup I just rolled my lazy butt out of bed".  I also know I can avoid this conundrum by going to earlier classes than 9 am but the one before this is something like 5.30am, seriously that is commitment.  Plus you are up at the crack of dawn with all that are trim taught and toned and are off to there professional professions.  
So don't go to the gym you say, go for a walk, run around the block.  This I do too, I love taking our dog to the park or going for sunset walks by the bay.  But I also know that my body doesn't feel half the effects on our pleasure strolls than when I fight that funk and move that junk. 
So from one chummy to another - How do you fight the fitness funk?,  I would love to know the tricks and tips you have for staying motivated to GET UP & MOVE IT ......... and if this isn't your funk, what is?  CAN YOU FIGHT IT??

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