Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We would like to announce the arrival of ......

Today we are happy to announce that we are awaiting the arrival of our new couch.  Today for us is “White Couch Wednesday”
Errrrrccccccccchhhh hold the phone you say, “What was that, WHITE couch, Good luck!”
Yip White Couch!.  You see here is our situation:
We live in a teeny tiny house and any good designer or person with an eye for colour and space will conclude that white creates more space.  White walls and white furniture creates the illusion of more space.
We came to buy our teeny tiny house in a time in our lives when we needed to move on and welcomed the distraction around all the personal goings on that were happening at the time. Originally we were thinking of investing in a townhouse but were not keen on all that comes with body corporate and a confined close-knit living space.  Plus we wanted somewhere where we could renovate, alter, make our own and have pets.  So I guess on a whim we found our house and bought.  It was small, so low maintenance (little housework - yay, well kind of as its old - boo), loved the area and it had potential to change and grow. 
We could have moved further abroad to outer suburbs to a larger newer home.  In which now sometimes I do long for more rooms, space, cupboards and modernity but we prefer spending time together rather than time spent travelling.
So we bought up, acquired a dog (another story) whom completes our days and we live in her house.
So back to the WHITE couch. 
I have always loved white, but when it came to the buying, I began to back out of my love.  Explaining to my husband (lets call him Mr C from now on) that this may not be a wise decision, what if we have kids? do we want to be worried about marking it? is it crazy and impractical?  In the end he was more pro white than I, and every couch we saw we migrated to white.
Yes, to give the illusion of more space we could have gone for a smaller couch rather than a white colour choice.  However, after being seated on our 2.5 seater futon for four months (selling our enormous couch that took up our whole living space).  What began as a “this is so nice we don’t seem to cuddle anymore” quickly turned into a brother sister type relationship, where we both raced to it nightly and were pretty soon nudging each other off, feet in each others faces, over either sides.   
So a larger but not too large couch was a must, revising our options and discussing the practicality, pros,cons and what we actually liked and made us happy with our purchase.
In fact we both even reminisced to our own childhood and concluded that, we were never allowed to jump or eat on the furniture as kids.  And not once did our parents get rid of or update their furniture on the issue of it becoming trashed by us children.  Maybe our parents were strict or maybe kids are allowed to be more kids these days.  However our reaction is - white or not white -  these are our natural tendencies and reactions so we would maintain them.
So yip I hear all the mothers in the room saying.  “Yip, uuuuhuh have fun with that and we’ll see”.  I get that and we will most probably eat our words, regret our decision or maybe even change tactics.
But for us now, we would rather sit on our new white couch than sit on our dark robust family friendly couch that would serve to be a constant reminder of what we don’t have, maybe can’t have or what could have been.
It probably will get marked and we may spend our days tirelessly wiping.  I may even discreetly slip a butt sized coaster under your behind if you visit our house with freshly bought dark blue jeans.
We probably will even have the inevitable leather butt marks from our favorite sitting spots.  But hopefully this in future serves to be a reminder and memories of when it was just us two.
We have settled upon what makes us happy now and for now Mr C looks damn good sitting on a white couch.

….. Get your feet off the cushions ……. Just kidding.


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