Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recession Dressin

So I’m not going to drone on about our economies current recession, as we hear enough about it on the news and radio and let face it.  It’s depressing!!
Depending on what country or industry we are in, we are all feeling it in different waves and ways.  Some businesses are flourishing and some are struggling and diminishing.
I myself am feeling the strain.  The industry I am in is feeling the effects at this time more than ever before. However, I cannot completely blame the economy as for me I personally have come to a crossroad in my career, in which I need to develop, grow and go out on a limb also to boost my business.
So whether you are sitting pretty at the moment – then fantastic.   Or if you are on Struggle Street we still need to remember we are not alone, learn to make do, improvise and always be grateful for what we do have.
So for us, we have always been homebodies and not huge socialites.  However it always feels great when we do have a bit of a date night, splurge and go out for dinner or go to the movies, catch up with friends or go to an event.  Events; I love being invited to events, birthdays, weddings, engagements whatever it is a great reason to get out in turn celebrating a special occasion. 
But with special occasion’s come costs and when your not sitting flush this can put a bit of downer on your enthusiasm of something you enjoy so much.   There’s the present, the travel, maybe accommodation, time off work and not to mention, “what am I going to wear”?
I know myself, as much as I persist in my mind that I can just wear that dress from two years ago that I wore to such and suches wedding, when I actually put it on; it looks just as stunning as a skin on sausage and always ends in a tear.  Because, I can’t speak for others my age but Mothers, you’re not the only ones feeling the effects of a 30 something year old body.  I may not have had kids but this lower body and thighs are hell bent in reminding me that I too have good child bearing hips.  And every year I don’t bear they scream a little louder and wider.  Honestly I’m pretty sure I saw my stomach crease line in the mirror smirking at me the other day and my always negative bellybutton chiming in with all its roundness exclaiming OOOOWwww.  So I by no means am saying my body has gone through all that a Mother has, not at all – just that children or no children it's no spring chicken!.
So the next step is finding an outfit, because there is no way that I am going to suck myself in all day or night or resist the temptation to sit or eat, in fear of my attire splitting and having a costume malfunction and lets face it, if you don’t look good you never feel good!! hence you won't have a good time.
Which is where recession dressin comes into effect. 
How to find spare cash when the funds are low?  Save money in other areas!  For the next few weeks I usually cut my spending down on Groceries and things that we don’t really need straight away.  A few weeks of doing a pov shop (budget shop) you can save a lot.  And why can we do this???.   Because we are chummies.  With no dependents we don’t have all the additional expenses of feeding and raising a family.  If I had children I wouldn’t dream of not providing what they need, in fact that's one of my worst fears but when its just the two or one of you its no major drama.  I think it also helps you to learn to improvise at meal times, stretch your meals and learn to budget. As well as ways to avoid any wasted food.  Which in turn may be good prep for if you do intend to have a family.
Nothing drove this home to us more so than when we went on a trip to Africa recently (another reason we are slightly on struggle street, but have no regrets what so ever in going).   The happiness of the people was resonated in every town we went to.  They survived on little or little selection in foods and always made the most of every piece of the produce they had.
So for us I’m not talking about starving yourselves for the sake of a some fancy frills.   Just a few weeks of non gourmet meals - Please note though for us gourmet simply means the addition of something like chorizos, haloumi, fetta or any other lettuce than iceberg on our grocery list. 
My shopping habits have become so budget conscious anyway that I now hate buying anything full price.  Any meat bought is reduced, and I’m not talking old and grey there are limits to budget shopping!!  I only get the fresh produce in season and on special and if the dog food or toilet paper is on special, I buy ….. eeeek I dread saying this because I used to go to peoples places and think they were nutsack in buying so many of one thing but yes “my name is chummy and I buy in bulk”.  I don’t buy perishables in bulk, as you have to be realistic, there are only two of us so how many potatoes, carrots or tinned products can you eat.  And my one pet hate is toot paper so if there is an endless supply in the cupboard (2 ply on special, never cut the budget to one ply seriously do they even make that anymore) I don’t have to make a special trip to get them.
So with these budget saving techniques on hand I now have some money to get an outfit for the event we have to attend.  And you guessed it – I also refuse to buy anything full price.  If you keep a keen eye out and pay attention to the brands that you like you can get them on promotion and when they are on sale.  Sale ?#$@!! you say, I know! I am not a big shopper at all, I really don’t like rummaging through racks, loads of people, waiting in cues for the changerooms and then trying on a dress that has every Betsy’s shade of foundation or lipstick around the neckline.  Because lets face it, this is still your hard earned cash; you want something that is fresh, new and current style.  Which is where if you sign up to your favorite brand websites, like them on facebook  or generally are aware of reduction times you will always be in the know – In fact I have an email dedicated to all the junk sites that I have signed up too.  Therefore they don’t clutter my inbox and even though I hardly open them when I need to, it is so beneficial.
So now you have a new dress, maybe shoes and you are ready to go out, on the very rare occasions that you get to go to.  Feeling good and looking great.  Plus your husband or partner will be loving your styles too.

Do you have any money saving tips, I would love to hear them???


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