Monday, June 4, 2012

I cheated. I do, do I?

OK OK so I was encouraging everyone to frock it up this weekend knowing full well that I myself had a wedding to attend.  On my defence however it was stated on the invitation to be of smart casual attire so I could have easily donned the practical pants and a nice top.  (Plus it was raining and I had the flu so I also could have easily worn a snuggie).  But that’s not really my style anyway.  So yes I kind of cheated!
Now everyone loves a wedding or so the saying goes.  I love tradition, family traditions and traditional weddings but as you may have read in the about me section we don’t live to the traditional rhymes, reasons and routines of life e.g., engagement, marriage, house, kids etc.  Some may say “the right way”.  We prefer to carve our own way like many others these days.
So I love attending a wedding full of tradition but in the couple’s own way.  A wedding that fully replicates them as a couple and is carried out in no means other than to make the two of them happy.
And this wedding was just that.  The couple being our close friends have been living out their life and creating their traditions, their own way.  They bought a house, have had two beautiful daughters and now have gotten married.
So when it comes to the, I do’s they are 100% ready.  There are no questions of  “do I” and for that matter there are no questions!
Questions, I’m sure all of us get them! 
When we are single – “So have you met anyone”?
When we are engaged – “So when are you getting married”?
When we are married – “So when are you having children?” “Are you pregnant?, (The questions we got asked a million times yesterday)
.. And I’m sure when couples have a child this then becomes “So when are you having another?”
This couple; by living their lives in the words of Mr Squiggle “upside down upside down”, their own way and letting what will be will be, have achieved what so many of us don’t.  No questions! 
I can think of no what are’s, when are’s or so when’s for this couple.  Their last puzzle piece is placed and sentence is full stopped to carry out their lives question free.
So for this wedding I conclude a double "congratulations"
For carrying out their own traditions their own way “the right way up”
And for the rest of us:
If others question you, remember - don’t question yourself.  Create your own paths, your own dreams, live to your own traditions.

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