Friday, June 1, 2012

Mad Men Sexy Ladies

Do you ever feel like a 50’s/60’s housewife without the children?
To be honest I love the idea of a 50’s housewife.  Idea, not ideals and expectations of!  Maybe this is made all the more appealing and glamorous due to the series of Mad Men.  (An American TV series set in the 60’s – haven’t seen it? Do its weirdly addictive)
Anyway.. 50’s/60’s housewife
I love the fact that when I bake, it is thoughtful and from the heart.  Even though I am a terrible baker and about 80% of what I bake turns out flat, burnt or generally not tasty.  This may also be due to the fact my oven is from the 60’s .. Well almost.
I love home cooked meals, mainly because I am budget conscious and enjoy and implement healthy eating, back to basics food.  But don’t get me wrong its 50/50 cooking in this household.
I like a clean house, a sense of order and sense of completion when I have finished the housework.  I just hate the actual doing of the housework, especially due to the fact we have a dusty little Queenslander (Queensland style house) and a hairy dog in which daily carpets our house in tumbleweed .. And yes ok it’s not all her hair I also moult like a wookie at a disco.

I love smoking indoors …. Just kidding, I have never been a smoker never will.  It just looks so damn sexy on that show.
I love the femininity and fashions as it reminds me to be more feminine and put a dress on and get rid of my practical pants
Plus I love all the images and cartoons that take the micky out of the 50’s and 60’s, which I’m sure you will see a lot of on this site.

So this weekend whether you are out on the town, attending an event, staying at home or doing the god dam housework
“Get your frock on!!!!”
I am!  Have a great weekend

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