Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nesting Quest

Well this weekend we are starting our nesting quest -  For quite simply more nest space. 
We are simplifying our living space and freshening up bit by bit (it is a long process) and turfing out the things we don’t need.  Because there is only so much crap that two people really need. 
I remember when I was younger we would have working bees around the house.  We would all chip in, Dad would clip the hedge and we would have to cart the clippings to the trailer,  we would throw in old belongings and take a trip to the tip it was such a drag and potentially – slave labour ;)  But now I love the weekends we get to spend around the house, improving, renovating, decorating or just planning and making our home more of a home.
So we have reno’ed our bedroom at the start of the year putting in a new ceiling, new architraves and painted.  So we (meaning Mr C) just has to rejuvenate one window in the bedroom, then we are awaiting new blinds yay.  There is something about our cardboard curtains at the moment that is very organic and creative but oh so very wrong.  Takes me back also to my younger days when Dad built us a new home and we had stunning sheet curtains held up by nails.  It was so embarrassing at the time; funny how it’s oh so acceptable when you’re all grown up and do similar things to save money, puts things into perspective when it’s your own pad.
Anyway, now we are onto our other room (two bedroom house), which is the office, which will eventually move out to our granny flat aka more stylish name “studio”.  So we need to gut the room and repaint.  And to create more space Mr C has purchased for a steal an attic ladder in which will go into our ceiling to put all the things (childhood bits and bobs) into.  Hence creating more space.
Because I don’t know if others are as fortunate (cue sarcasm) as I.  But the minute we bought our home my parents arrived at the door with all of my belongings, even some things that weren’t mine (Mothers clothes) to keep or discard at my leisure.  So while Ma and Pa live in their McMansion with oodles of space. (Exaggeration! however anything is big compared to our little home).  Our house is now like my buttocks trying to fit into year 2001 jeans – bursting at the seams.
So the attic/ceiling idea fulfills two main objectives.
1. To create space. 
2. Mr C’s obsession with Chevy Chase’s National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. 
So while he may at some stage sit up there wrapped in my Mums old scarf and fisherman rib jersey, listening to beach boys, watching old slides in the company of Punky the monkey.  Fantastic!!, hopefully and potentially I will be out shopping (like the movie) but if not I will be in the house lapping up the space.
So this is where I turn my negatives into positives.  Having a small home forces you to discard the things you don’t need or use.  You don’t need to keep absolutely everything.  Start getting realistic – go through old paperwork; bills, menus, cards and only keep the essential ones (they are not all essential!).  Go through your wardrobe – Are really going to wear that again. Are you going to fit it again?  I know, I know if you lose a bit of weight you could wear it again – but how long have you been saying this?  Is it weight or body change because some items are just not going to look the same.  I know it is depressing but remember this – think of how much wear you did get out of it.  You got your moneys worth; you looked great now maybe it is time to move on.  Replace and chuck out (put to the side for a little while if you can’t handle it) but it feels so much better to look into your wardrobe and see hot options then look in dismay at all the things that were once hot options.  I know it's hard - but just try it.
I always try and follow the rule - you buy something – you discard something.  And I pretty much am forced to do this with my teeny tiny wardrobe.  Of course I dream of a beautiful walk in wardrobe with all its fittings and shelves ahhhhhhh.  But this isn’t us now (keep dreaming, keep doing ;)  And to be honest would I then wear all that attire?  I myself am a stickler for favorites and also for little laundry and ironing. 
So keeping on track with nesting.  What can you do to improve your nest?  A little bit of a freshening with paint?  Chucking out unwanted items.  Reducing clutter in turn de-cluttering your life.
It really does declutter your mind, simplify life and also implements good habits.
After all it is only your mess you have to clean Chummies.

Have a great weekend

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